my birthday present — playstation 3

In Sept I got my birthday prensent, sony playstation 3 slim. I have a playstation 2 slim, which brought me tons of fun in last a couple of years. Now it’s time to have fun on the last generation console.

i was trying to keep playing ps2 games on my HDTV, i really enjoy the games except the images. The pictures are unaccept at all.

At the begining of this month, I eventually found some one had hacked ps3, which seems to be last unbeatable one. You can find that method from internet. Also, someone said the method is used by SONY as a sevice method to fix PS3. The only thing I can say is, those are from genius. I rush into a saler and directly order a 320 GB version. To hack my PS3, I also use my favorite N900. The major purpose to hack it, is not playing jailbreak game, but POC and be cool the most powerful console so far!


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